Sunday, 9 August 2009

8th August....summer lovelies!

Yesterday's market was a very sunny affair (brilliant considering the mid-week rain storm London had) bringing in happy North Londoner's in their droves.

We had some fantastic new sellers, tempting everyone with their wares, and some regular sellers (who feel a bit like 'A Little Bazaar' family now)

We're just in the process of getting more dates secured at Keston Lodge for the Autumn. We've been so happy with the way it's been going at our new summer venue, the location really seems to work in our favour, with lots of people milling about along Upper Street on the hunt for some bargains.

This weeks sellers:

Rebecca Serginson
Charm Offensive

Lorraine Williams
I Dream in Clockwork

Ariane Dreysse
Peppermint Twist

Hikari Osaki

Pete Clasby

Anne and Ayesha's Cake Goodies

Michelle Tully
The Curiosity Tree

Cathy Haynes & Rosie Oliver
Vintage Homeware

Rebecca Shaw
Babies Knits

The Great Cake Escape

Electric Pom pom's

Also....keep your eyes peeled for our new website: We'll have it finished soon and it'll have lots of interestingness to look at!

A Little Bazaar cadets

Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy Days at the Keston Lodge!

Well we did have a lovely time at our Keston launch, didn't we! It was really nice to be able to grab people (not literally) off the street with the stalls outside. Jess, Laura, Bethan, and the others did us proud with their gorgeous cakes and jewellery dazzling and enticing all the passers by! Inside we had an array sellers old and new, with stalls boasting some lovely affordable vintage, handbags made from ties, handprinted bags, hand drawn greetings cards, nipple tassels and badge making!

We were really pleased with the turn out, Islington is full of happy shoppers on a saturday - a hefty proportion of whom we
managed to lure into the Keston! Loads of people approached us to say how much they enjoyed it and how they would be coming again. So BIG THANKS to all the stallholders from the 20th, you guys are amazing and we're thrilled that you are getting the recognition you deserve!

There shall be markets on fortnightly Saturdays at the Keston Lodge throughout the summer:

4th and 25th of July, 8th and 22nd of August and the the 5th of September - All FREE ADMISSION and all 12pm til 6pm

So come on down and visit us in our new home, have a cake and a pint and maybe a burger from the barbeque and shop to your heart's content!

Happy days!

Friday, 12 June 2009

We're all going on a........Summer Holiday!

So, as many of the country rediscover holidaying in England this summer, we've decided to follow suit and take our lovely little market on a local(ish) summer holiday!

We will be mooring HMS Bazaar as 'Keston Lodge' in Islington for lots of summer treats, BBQs and drinks. Keston Lodge is the sister venue of the Amersham and is nesteled amongst north London's best boutique shops and Saturday merry makers!

Come along and peruse the best of contemporary craft, design, vintage, records, jumble, jewellery and the best cakes known to man (I kid you not - they are THE BEST!)

Market's will run 12pm - 6pm on the following dates:
20th June
4th July
25th July
8th August
22nd August
5th September

Sally and Raff

Bazaarness in Deptford!

We've been invited back to do the OOXXOO night in Deptford again (we must have done something right!)
Come down for a night of Music, Dancing, CRAFTERROODING, and smiling
See you there WOOOO

Saturday, 16 May 2009

16th May Market.....lots of jewels and bling

Lovely jewelry-led market today and some wonderful new sellers I had a good natter with. That's the thing I love the most about this market - the new friendships that are being forged over tales of crafty shenanigans! I like to think that it's something that sets our market aside from others, and hope the sellers get as many smiles out of the experience as I do!

The only thing me and Claire are desperate to find is people selling stuff aimed at MEN! Most of the sellers have female-orientated wares and I'm getting to feel a little sorry for the straggling boyfriends hanging around eating cake. At least we have super trooper Record Seller Matt keeping the musical males entertained! PLEASE if you know any guys out there who'd like to clear out their wardrobe, sell comics, bike parts (?) shaving products (?!) porn mags (?!?) or anything else stereotypically for the bloke GET THEM TO GET IN TOUCH! for stall info

Alice Malseed and friends sell there closets to help raise money for their Edinburgh Festival trip

The Cake Collective girls did us proud again.....Ice Cream Cakes, it's like summer on your tastebuds!  The Cake Collective

Fish for Biscuits!


Laura Gill's illustration....she does your pets to order too!

Bloody pocket money stealing lovely charm necklaces by Sophie Jane Paul

Hand Illustrated House badges by Julia OI!

Icing attack cupcakes by Bethan Bevan

Jennifer Farrell's beady little charms

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

16th May Sellers

A Little Bazaar is going from strength to strength, with an upcoming Summer Holiday to North London (more news to follow)  Invites to do pop-up markets, and an upcoming article in The Sunday Times Style Magazine (I'll confirm the issue date, but think it's the 31st May)

We're very excited about this weekend's Market, here are some teasers of what you can expect....

BRING YOUR PET - Laura Gill's Pet Portraits!

Laura Gill Jewelry

Sophie Jane Paul Charms

Joanna Koblintz Vintage inspired Jewelry

Julia de Klerk Illustrated Goodies

Julia de Klerk Button Earrings

Julia de Klerk Illustrated Houses

Jennifer Farrell Jewelry

Jennifer Farrell Jewelry

Saturday, 25 April 2009

18th April Market

April Sunshine brought another lovely market with another set of brilliant crafty makers coming our in force to sell their wares. We had Knitting Needle bracelets, candle tea-cups, wonderful button earrings and geek-inspired bead accessories.
I love the sunshine that fills our market room at the Amersham, it compliments the relaxed and friendly atmosphere really beautifully. 

Also upstairs this month was a Zine swap and making workshop, hosted as part of the 'Pieces of Eight' exhibition (curated by the wonderful Ginger Joe) People were being encouraged to make their own zines by drawing, photocopying, writing, cutting and sticking it together as the day went along. Was such a lovely idea ZINESWAP.COM