Saturday, 25 April 2009

18th April Market

April Sunshine brought another lovely market with another set of brilliant crafty makers coming our in force to sell their wares. We had Knitting Needle bracelets, candle tea-cups, wonderful button earrings and geek-inspired bead accessories.
I love the sunshine that fills our market room at the Amersham, it compliments the relaxed and friendly atmosphere really beautifully. 

Also upstairs this month was a Zine swap and making workshop, hosted as part of the 'Pieces of Eight' exhibition (curated by the wonderful Ginger Joe) People were being encouraged to make their own zines by drawing, photocopying, writing, cutting and sticking it together as the day went along. Was such a lovely idea ZINESWAP.COM 


  1. Looks fabulous. Really hope to make it to the next one (having a wee work frenzy at the mo!)

  2. oh sssssssoooo bummed I missed this, looking forward to the next one. Will it be soon ? plz let me know. mucho love xxxxx