Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy Days at the Keston Lodge!

Well we did have a lovely time at our Keston launch, didn't we! It was really nice to be able to grab people (not literally) off the street with the stalls outside. Jess, Laura, Bethan, and the others did us proud with their gorgeous cakes and jewellery dazzling and enticing all the passers by! Inside we had an array sellers old and new, with stalls boasting some lovely affordable vintage, handbags made from ties, handprinted bags, hand drawn greetings cards, nipple tassels and badge making!

We were really pleased with the turn out, Islington is full of happy shoppers on a saturday - a hefty proportion of whom we
managed to lure into the Keston! Loads of people approached us to say how much they enjoyed it and how they would be coming again. So BIG THANKS to all the stallholders from the 20th, you guys are amazing and we're thrilled that you are getting the recognition you deserve!

There shall be markets on fortnightly Saturdays at the Keston Lodge throughout the summer:

4th and 25th of July, 8th and 22nd of August and the the 5th of September - All FREE ADMISSION and all 12pm til 6pm

So come on down and visit us in our new home, have a cake and a pint and maybe a burger from the barbeque and shop to your heart's content!

Happy days!


  1. ooooooo weeeeee looks like so much fun. I sell weird and wonderful things do you think it would fit in with the other stalls at the market?

  2. Hellooo there! I came down this afternoon (somewhere near Angel...) and I absolutely loved it!

    Can I donate my handmade goodies too?? xx