Friday, 12 June 2009

We're all going on a........Summer Holiday!

So, as many of the country rediscover holidaying in England this summer, we've decided to follow suit and take our lovely little market on a local(ish) summer holiday!

We will be mooring HMS Bazaar as 'Keston Lodge' in Islington for lots of summer treats, BBQs and drinks. Keston Lodge is the sister venue of the Amersham and is nesteled amongst north London's best boutique shops and Saturday merry makers!

Come along and peruse the best of contemporary craft, design, vintage, records, jumble, jewellery and the best cakes known to man (I kid you not - they are THE BEST!)

Market's will run 12pm - 6pm on the following dates:
20th June
4th July
25th July
8th August
22nd August
5th September

Sally and Raff


  1. Are you having any live music at this one? Any chance you need/want bands to play still?
    -Mary (

  2. Hiya,
    I keep hearing about your craft fairs by a few people who have done your events at the Keston Lodge in Islington and I was wondering whether you had any craft events coming up soon as I am currently looking for some to participate in and love any info on this.
    You can look at what I do at my website
    Many thanks
    Penni x